ROI WTF? Come see me at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City on July 31st!

I’ve hit File -> New for my content marketing slide deck for Outdoor Retailer this summer, and I’d love to answer your questions as part of my presentation.  Send them my way, will you please?

The official description: Those of us who make our living in the outdoor industry operate in a passion-based business, and we’re missing opportunities on a daily basis to tap into our audience’s maximum enthusiasm. Learn actionable insights into how to leverage word of mouth marketing to build community, loyalty and to differentiate your brand in a competitive landscape where differentiation is key to both surviving and thriving.

The less-edited dish: I don’t know if you’ve read the seminar schedule yet, but apparently there’s this thing called the Internet, that the Outdoor Industry is going to hear a whole lot about in seminar rooms at #ORshow.

What sets this presentation apart from the thirty-seven (I’m just estimating, here) other presentations about social media and content marketing currently scheduled for the show? I’ve been in the trenches working with outdoor brands large and small since 2008. A few months ago, I started working with Portent, Inc., an integrated marketing company based in Seattle, and the agency is not an #OIBIZ endemic. I don’t currently have any clients in outdoor, so for once, I can just call it exactly how I see it, and I’m not selling anything.

Good gawd, I look so clean and hot-rollered in this photo.  I won't be, at #ORShow.

Good gawd, I look so clean and hot-rollered in this photo. I won’t be, at #ORShow.

Come join me for a lively hour of the good, bad and ugly in outdoor industry content, with a sprinkling of reality about how to think about ROI with regard to content marketing.

When:  Wednesday, July 31st at 3pm Mountain Time

Where:  Marriott Downtown (across from the Salt Palace)

What can you do to help?  

Here are two simple things, with a bonus third for show attendees:

1.  Do you have a burning outdoor industry content question you’d like to hear me touch on? A favorite good, bad or ugly example of outdoor industry content to share? Whether you’re attending or not, I typically post my slide-deck and/or notes after the event, so please reach out:

2.  Please tell your friends!  The more the merrier:

3.  And, for show attendees:  Add this seminar to your show planner here, and plan to come join me to warm up for happy hour:

See you in Salt Lake and/or on Twitter … I’ll use the hashtag #ROIWTF for presentation content!

Update, 7/25:   I just got word today that my speaking slot is not scheduled to be recorded (and, reminded that my contract prohibits outside video) so there will not be a post-show webcast of this presentation this time around… if you’d like this info, come join us in person!  And if you can’t, I’ll figure out a way to share what I can post-show one way or another!