Nine reasons I joined the team at Portent, Inc.

Welcome to Portent!Today’s my first day at Portent, Inc., an internet marketing company based in Seattle.  There will be plenty of time for long-winded reflection (since that’s what I do) but here’s the short version:  no, I wasn’t really looking, and yes, I’m really, really excited.

Earlier this spring I wrapped up a freelance consulting project with Redfin and was in the middle of the pitch process on new projects when I saw the position at Portent open up.  Why did it catch my eye and ultimately win me over, out of all of the social media jobs that cross my web browser every day?

  1. As part of the application materials, Portent asked applicants to answer the following question: “In 140 characters or less, why should Portent choose you to shape our social media program?”  Now that’s one way to separate the wheat from the chaff.  
  2. When I had my initial phone call with Elizabeth about the role, it felt more like an awesome consulting session than an interview.
  3. Even though I wasn’t sure I was interested in a 9-to-5, they brought me in for get-to-know-you meetings and I found myself completely hooked-at-first-conversation on the team, the company, and their approach to client work.
  4. When I asked around among friends and colleagues in the biz, the response was the same from each person I spoke with: overwhelming encouragement and support.
  5. When I spoke with Sandra, who’s now my boss, she answered my questions about her leadership style and approach to this team in ways that were so compatible with my own that I actually wrote down quotes in one of my trusty Moleskines so that later, when I tried to tell the story to my partner, I’d be able to actually quote things my future (now) boss said out loud on the phone.
  6. I was really drawn to the fact that Portent is a marketing agency with roots in search marketing, that now operates  in the full range of online marketing disciplines:  search, paid, social, content, and more.  I love working in social, but what I love most is the intersection between social and other marketing disciplines; and, getting to work with other internet marketers who are as passionate about client service and delivering top-notch work as I am.  The more I got to know Portent and its people, the more I felt like I’d finally found the right fit, in that regard.
  7. My desk had two things on it when I arrived this morning:  An analog "Mood-o-meter Canine Edition" from Sandra, and a copy of Zarella's Heirarchy of Contagiousness.  Rad.

    My desk had two things on it when I arrived this morning: An analog “Mood-o-meter Canine Edition” from Sandra, and a copy of Zarella’s Heirarchy of Contagiousness. Rad.

  8. I might hide it well (or maybe I’m fooling myself to think so) but I’m a total dork.  Have been my whole life, or at least since college (depending on how you count it).  Now — I’m not calling any of my new colleagues dorks … that would be out of line.  But I am saying, it feels to me like this is going to be a safe place to let my dork flag fly.  Today alone I’ve gotten to verbally high-five my boss about our shared hobby of pinball, and I exclaimed with glee when I saw that one of the zones of the office is inhabited by Star Trek fans (if not the whole office — I’ve only been here a day — I don’t know everything, yet).  Aside from hobby dorkdom, though, I’m right at home here when it comes to my web and analytics dorkdom, and I can’t wait to finally get to work with a team that’s similarly oriented in that particular regard.
  9. If I have to leave my house to work, this is a really easy commute and the office is three blocks from Zeitgeist, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle; and a block and a half from the Waterfall Garden which is one of my other favorite places in Seattle.
  10. We’re this close to lining up a fantastic puppy-care plan for Gibson, so even though I’d planned on being a stay-at-home dog-mom for longer, she’ll have a happy, healthy and well-cared for life even with me going back to work.

So that’s the short version.  There will be much more, I’m sure… both here, and on the Portent blog.  Thank you for your support as I continue this journey of learning and growing, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!